Black Lives Matter

It goes without saying that much has transpired over the past several weeks. Most of us have been processing, engaging and educating ourselves on the issues at hand.

I’m not an influencer. I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok. But I have real friends and real employees and real colleagues; real people working at DCM whose lives have been impacted in ways I cannot know. It is important to stand in solidarity and say that Black Lives Matter.

The other day a black friend and colleague told me that her eight-year old daughter asked her “Mommy, do all white people hate black people?” It broke my heart to hear this.

I’m certain that white people, myself included, have no idea what it is like to live as a black person in this country. But this is not about me or my experience. This is about the experience of people of color and not remaining silent.

That is why we need to say, again, that Black Lives Matter.

We need to say that because, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote more than fifty years ago, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

When we witness injustice, it is our moral responsibility to speak out and to stand together for what is right.

I need to say that Black Lives Matter so that people of color in our community know that they are not alone in the struggle to end racism and discrimination of any kind.

We stand together with anyone and everyone committed to ending injustice and with everyone who is working to create a world in which no child will ever have to ask a parent if they are hated because of the color of their skin.

Within the small circle that is DCM, I hope we can contribute to solutions that bring about a more just and equitable world. For, in the words of MLK, if we cannot learn to live together as brothers and sisters, we will surely “perish as fools.”

Phil Miller
President, DCM